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In this example the pattern of horizontal lines in the source is used to detect the table heading. Note that when the pattern of lines is understood, the lines themselves are omitted from the output. If they're not recognised then lines are shown in the output wherever they occur in the source.

Note, there is an error here in that the "For" column has been split into two "columns" with the second only containing "m" for "miles". This problem may be addressed in future versions by improving the algorithms to spot columns with all their values the same, or similar.

Note also that the "Check Access" cells have been marked in bold to match the emphasis placed on the original.

Finally, note that the vertical column separators "|" have been removed from the output text.


Time   Road For Dir Towards
00:00 DEPART London (Gt London) A400 1/2 m N Camden Town
00:02 Turn left onto A501 1 m W (Marylebone)
00:04 At Marylebone turn off ont A41 1/2 m NW (St John's Wood)
00:06 At St John's Wood stay on A41 1 m NW  
00:10 At Swiss Cottage stay on t A41 4 m NW (Cricklewood)
00:20 At Hendon stay on the A41 1 m N  
00:21 Turn off onto M1 slip 1/4 m W (M1 J2)
00:22 At M1 J2 turn off onto M1 74 m N Check access
01:35 At M1 J19 turn off onto M6 45 m W Check access
02:13 At M6 J10A turn off onto M54 22 m W Check access
02:32 Go onto A5 12 m W  
02:55 Turn off onto A458 12 m W (Middletown)
03:14 At Middletown stay on the A458 5 m W  
03:21 Turn left onto A483 1 m SW Newtown
03:22 Bear right onto A458 1/4 m W Welshpool
03:23 At Welshpool stay on the A458 16 m W (Llanfair Caereinion)
03:45 At Llangadfan stay on the A458 11 m W (Dinas Mawddwy)
04:00 Turn right onto A470 1 m N Dolgellau
04:02 At Dinas Mawddwy stay on t A470 9 m NW Dolgellau
04:16 At Dolgellau stay on the A470 2 m W Betws Y Coed
04:19 At Llanelltyd stay on the A470 14 m N Betws Y Coed
04:39 Bear left onto A487 2 m NW Porthmadog
04:42 At Maentwrog stay on the A487 4 m W Porthmadog
04:48 ARRIVE Penrhyndeudraeth (G        

Original Source

    Time |                          |Road   |For  |Dir|Towards
    00:00|DEPART London (Gt London) |A400   |1/2 m|N  |Camden Town
    00:02|Turn left onto            |A501   |1   m|W  |(Marylebone)
    00:04|At Marylebone turn off ont|A41    |1/2 m|NW |(St John's Wood)
    00:06|At St John's Wood stay on |A41    |1   m|NW |
    00:10|At Swiss Cottage stay on t|A41    |4   m|NW |(Cricklewood)
    00:20|At Hendon stay on the     |A41    |1   m|N  |
    00:21|Turn off onto             |M1 slip|1/4 m|W  |(M1 J2)
    00:22|At M1 J2 turn off onto    |M1     |74  m|N  |*Check access*
    01:35|At M1 J19  turn off onto  |M6     |45  m|W  |*Check access*
    02:13|At M6 J10A  turn off onto |M54    |22  m|W  |*Check access*
    02:32|Go onto                   |A5     |12  m|W  |
    02:55|Turn off onto             |A458   |12  m|W  |(Middletown)
    03:14|At Middletown stay on the |A458   |5   m|W  |
    03:21|Turn left onto            |A483   |1   m|SW |Newtown
    03:22|Bear right onto           |A458   |1/4 m|W  |Welshpool
    03:23|At Welshpool stay on the  |A458   |16  m|W  |(Llanfair Caereinion)
    03:45|At Llangadfan stay on the |A458   |11  m|W  |(Dinas Mawddwy)
    04:00|Turn right onto           |A470   |1   m|N  |Dolgellau
    04:02|At Dinas Mawddwy stay on t|A470   |9   m|NW |Dolgellau
    04:16|At Dolgellau stay on the  |A470   |2   m|W  |Betws Y Coed
    04:19|At Llanelltyd stay on the |A470   |14  m|N  |Betws Y Coed
    04:39|Bear left onto            |A487   |2   m|NW |Porthmadog
    04:42|At Maentwrog stay on the  |A487   |4   m|W  |Porthmadog
    04:48|ARRIVE Penrhyndeudraeth (G|       |     |   |